Simpson Western is proud to be a major sponsor of the 2020/21 Beach Series

We are really excited to sponsor the 2020/21 Takapuna Beach Series and to be involved with a great community event that is right on our doorstep.  Our team will be at every event to run the bag check – come see us at our tent, check in your goodies and have a chat.

As a major sponsor, we are offering a reward to each Beach Series participant, a Golden Ticket, entitling them to $500 of legal services - free of charge. 

See below for more details on the Golden Tickets available and fill in our enquiry form to get in touch.

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Who are we?

Simpson Western is the largest law firm North of the Bridge with offices in Takapuna and Silverdale.  We are a full service law firm, with expertise in all aspects of business and personal law.  Our lawyers are efficient, responsive and excellent problem solvers.  We are small enough to care and big enough to have your back when it counts! 

The Beach Series is an all-ages Beach Run & Walk, 10K Multi Road Run, Stand-Up Paddle and Ocean Swim series held on Tuesday evenings at Takapuna Beach. Come along to 1 event, all 18 events or any number in between. 

Grab your friends, family and the kids and join us for a summer of fun, fitness and healthy competition.

Interested in participating?

To sign up for the Beach Series, or simply to find out more, click the button below.

Business/Commercial Services Offers

As a Golden Ticket holder, you are entitled to redeem $500 worth of legal services for a Business/Commercial matter. Check out these offers below:   

Business Partner Arrangements 

Get your arrangements with your business partners formalised

Any company with multiple investors/shareholders should have ‘ground rules’ agreed between its shareholders setting out how the company will be run, which are designed to avoid disputes down the track and provide a framework that applies if differences of opinion arise.  We will prepare a draft term sheet, summarising the key commercial terms we’d suggest be included in a shareholders’ agreement, that can be used as the base position for negotiating and formalising your shareholder agreement and relationship.

Debt Recovery

Are you having trouble recovering debts or are you in dispute? 

Is the cash-flow of your business regularly being interrupted by invoices not being paid on time, or are you in dispute with suppliers or customers? Do you need advice around swiftly and robustly dealing with these parties? We will give you a 1-hour free consultation to speak with you to understand your situation and help you strategise an appropriate solution for dealing with these issues.    

Employment Agreement Review

A health check of your standard employment agreement

When was the last time you checked your employment agreements are up to date with current employment law standards and best practice?  Employment agreements are the fundamental document which governs the relationship between you and your employees.  It is therefore very important that your employment agreements accurately reflect each party's rights and responsibilities in order to avoid the risk of future disputes or non-compliance within minimum employment law standards.  We are offering to review your template employment agreement and provide guidance and recommendations on any amendments that may be required.      

Commercial leasing under Covid -19

Landlords or tenants impacted by COVID-19? 

The law relating to commercial leasing has been changing to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both landlords and tenants are required to act in accordance with these changes. Are you a landlord or tenant in need of legal advice? We would like to offer a 1-hour free consultation to speak with you as to your rights and obligations under your commercial lease arrangements, and in particular how those have been impacted by COVID-19.

Please note, one Golden Ticket offer per person, you can only use your Golden Ticket to redeem one of the above options, and you cannot also redeem a Personal/Private legal services option. 

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Personal/Private Services Offers  

As a Golden Ticket holder, you are entitled to redeem $500 worth of legal services for a Personal/Private matter. Check out these offers below:

Property Advice

Are you buying or selling a property?  

We can assist you with your next property purchase or sale and will apply a $500 discount to our standard fee for your conveyance (limited to the first 10 people who redeem their golden ticket to take advantage of this option). 

Cross Lease Conversion

Considering converting your Cross-Lease to freehold?  

The Property Institute of New Zealand believes that converting a cross lease property into a fee simple ownership structure can significantly increase the value and saleability of a property.  We will review the record of title for your property and provide you with a summary of the advantages and disadvantages of converting your cross lease property to freehold as well as the process for carrying out such a conversion.  

Conflict or Dispute Resolution

Free consultation regarding any dispute or conflict you're facing

Dispute resolution is challenging to navigate alone and is best achieved through seeking the right advice and support early on.  If you are facing conflict and need legal advice we are here to help. We will give you a 1-hour free consultation to understand your situation and help you strategise an appropriate solution. 

Please note, one Golden Ticket offer per person, you can only use your Golden Ticket to redeem one of the above options, and you cannot also redeem a Business/Commercial legal services option.  

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Redeem your Golden Ticket

We offer a free, no obligations consultation service so if you are already signed up to participate in one, some or all of the 2020/21 Beach Series events, fill out the enquiry form below and let us know which offer you are interested in redeeming. 

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